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标题: Nat:加巴喷丁治癫痫和狼疮、神经痛等病 阻钙通道抑过活跃 [打印本页]

作者: 顾汉研    时间: 2023-6-24 16:07     标题: Nat:加巴喷丁治癫痫和狼疮、神经痛等病 阻钙通道抑过活跃

Nature:EMC chaperone–CaV structure reveals an ion channel assembly intermediate
Nature:首次揭示药物加巴喷丁作用机制,有望开发出更好治疗癫痫和狼疮、神经痛等疾病的新药物  阻钙通道抑过活跃
(Translated by Baidu
Nature: It is the first time to reveal the mechanism of action of the drug Gabapentin, which is expected to develop new drugs for better treatment of epilepsy, lupus, Neuralgia and other diseases to block the overactivity of Calcium channel
Gabapentin drugs, used for analgesia and anti anxiety treatment of epilepsy, act on high pressure to activate Calcium channel. Gabapentin can also help to treat highly malignant and stubborn cancer -- neuronenenebb glioblastoma. This is a research paper on Medicine#Basic sciences of pharmacotherapy.
鎮痛と抗不安によるてんかん治療に用いられるガバペンチン類薬物は、高圧活性化カルシウムチャネルに作用する。ガバペンチンは、高度に悪性で頑固な癌である神経質母細胞腫の治療に役立つ。本文は薬物治療学基礎医学研究論文である。 ... 1lDMgmSF9pmn5qkFGuA

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